XTravel Mittag Conquer BITD Silver State 300

Despite 30-40 min of downtime Xtravel/Mittag rocket through the dust and ProUtv Class Starting last in class (37th) Finishing in 11th place.

Photography by: Ortiz Films

Las Vegas, Nevada USA – May 1, 2021 Xtravel Racing and Doug Mittag took on the fast and furious style Endurance desert race presented by Best in the Desert. The Silver State 300 flew up north of Las Vegas in the desolate Nevada desert. A treacherous high speed mountain race tested the nerves of the drivers and limits of all the vehicles.

Photography by: DanielSchenkelberg

“Xtravel was awesome running in the desert! That was a long dusty race, with a lot of crazy turns. Drivers had to work for that race! After 300 miles driving Xtravel I have zero fatigue in my arms and my wrists feel great!” Doug Mittag Driver of record commented.

Mittag stated “It’s not the finishing spot we wanted, we had downtime Joe (co-Driver) and I were out of the car a few times changing 2 belts, and a 3rd unplanned stop to change a tire. Besides that the car ran flawless all day. We proved we have the speed to run with the leaders after starting dead last, fighting the dust and some traffic not on the leaders pace by RM 70 we were already 16th physically and 6th on corrected time. We put the suspension through the ringer today and having the front end built bullet proof it’s one less thing I have to worry about. Xtravel and our team have something special with this new front end design is changing the game. The new Polaris ProXp platform flies, on GPS today we ran 95.1 MPH. We’re excited to get back out for the next race.”

Photography by: DanielSchenkelberg



Safety – Performance- Strength- Fun

XTravel™ is transforming suspension and all-around vehicle performance with its proprietary, patent-pending BVS™ [Berardi Virtual Suspension] technology. Following years of research and development, XTravel’s BVS technology results in a transformed suspension that outperforms any other system. XTravel’s BVS technology eliminates the antiquated and nearly 90-year old A-arm completely from its suspension. Instead, XTravel’s BVS technology uses its proprietary, patent-pending XLinkX™. These XLinkX, coupled with XTravel’s Shock-link Pivot System™, create a mechanical bind that becomes stronger the more the system is engaged (aka encountering any obstacle). This mechanical bind eliminates nearly all negative feedback to the steering wheel. At the same time, the tires remain predictable and pointed in the intended direction, with significantly less effort required by the driver compared to any other suspension system.



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