King of Hammers 2021

At King of Hammers 2021, Xtravel Suspension had the honor of making our debut of BVS™ and Xlinx™ suspension technology with riders Mitch Guthrie, Mitch Guthrie Sr. and Casey Currie.

King of the Hammers, dubbed most difficult one day off-road race in North America, combines desert racing of whooped out roads, high-speed lake-beds and some of the hardest rock crawling canyons in the world. Held each year in February at Means Dry Lake at Johnson Valley, California, this treacherous race is home to “Hammertown USA”, is filled with spectators and off-road enthusiasts make camp for as longs as 10 days to two weeks leading up to and following the event.

The road to KOH 2021 was filled with road blocks, and all hands on deck to get the Xtravel equipped race cars ready for KOH. Shock tuning and testing, were handled week before KOH with stress filled moments to insure the highest possible quality.

The hard work pays off and all 3 Polaris RZR’s are ready for King of Hammers 2021!

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