How is Xtravel Different than Traditional Suspension?

Xtravel front suspension on a Polaris RZR Turbo S

If you’ve heard of Xtravel suspension, you might’ve heard that it eliminates bump steer, it’s super strong & durable, or that it’s the best off-road suspension. But what is it in Xtravel’s design that makes those things true, and separates it from traditional suspension? It comes down to two things: suspension geometry and build quality.

Suspension Geometry

The main factor that makes Xtravel superior to any other off-road suspension kit is its patented suspension geometry. Instead of flimsily pivoting around a single ball joint, Xtravel’s multi-link geometry creates a virtual steering axis closer to the center of the wheel.

“horizontal and vertical load reactions get decoupled, making bump steer/unwanted steering feedback a thing of the past.”

Unlike other virtual pivot systems, Xtravel also distributes the load of the shock/spring across multiple links instead of one. This is achieved while maintaining balance between the positive and negative pressure on the links. The end result of this unique geometry is that horizontal and vertical load reactions get decoupled, making bump steer/unwanted steering feedback a thing of the past.

Besides the precision steering advantages, Xtravel’s multi-link architecture makes for greater strength and durability. Having multiple connection points with strategic force distribution instead of a single connection point makes Xtravel much harder to break than traditional front end kits.

High-Quality Build

In addition to Xtravel’s geometry, its build specifications set it apart too. It’s made from high-strength chromoly steel, and every connection point is double shear. The spindle is large and made from chromoly plate work, whereas traditional suspension is smaller and typically casted. This makes Xtravel stronger and better able to flex under stress compared to brittle casted parts.

Another source of strength for Xtravel is its high-quality welding. Xtravel Performance kits are primarily built with tig welding, with mig welding used only for the spindle. Xtravel Racing kits are constructed with 100% tig welding.

Nobody wants to have to repair or replace their suspension, and they especially don’t want it to break while driving off-road. With Xtravel’s superior build quality, you’ll have peace of mind that you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

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