XTRAVEL Technology Launches Industry Changing Off-Road Suspension Solution  

San Diego, Calif. – The A-Arm suspension system is dead – and XTRAVEL is the solution that elevates performance, safety, and saves off-road enthusiasts and professional racers money, time, and resources.  

After five years of research and development, extensive real-world testing, and establishing manufacturing and supply chain operations, the revolutionary XTRAVEL Off-Road Virtual Link Suspension & Steering system is now available to the millions of off-road enthusiasts.  

Their proprietary XTRAVEL Virtual Link Suspension™ was created to replace the antiquated A-Arm suspension system, that was never intended for off-road performance applications. It’s an off-road-specific solution engineered for enhanced stability, longevity, performance, and safety for drivers and riders of SUVs, UTVs, ATVs, and Trucks. 

XTRAVEL Technology is the inventor, owner, and manufacturer of a Next Generation patented suspension solution for off-road and select on-road applications. XTRAVEL has established a solid reputation in the off-road racing world for improving driver safety, vehicle control, saving teams money, and producing winning results.  

Coupled with the recent launch of a new, user-friendly online sales platform, and large-scale manufacturing capacity, the company is now poised to offer this game-changing suspension technology to off-road enthusiasts, racers, and aftermarket suspension part manufacturers.  

“We’re excited to officially launch our revolutionary XTRAVEL Virtual Link Suspension system for direct-to-consumer sales,” noted James Woodford, Founder and President of XTRAVEL Technology. “Our team has been working hard to establish large-scale manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution to ensure our customers can easily order and receive their XTRAVEL system in a timely manner.” 

To learn more about XTRAVEL Virtual Pivot technology, and review and purchase the inventory of all-inclusive suspension and steering kits, visit XTRAVELTechnology.com.  

Explaining the Technology Infused into XTRAVEL Suspension

XTRAVEL has created the world’s first off-road capable Virtual Link Suspension solution.  

This Formula One-inspired suspension and steering technology delivers an ultimate driving experience culminating precision steering, with zero negative feedback to the steering wheel, and significant performance gains.  

XTRAVEL Technology’s (Virtual Link Suspension) 5-link front suspension produces optimal steering input, so the vehicle handles with precision despite unpredictable obstacles associated with offroad terrain.  

At the heart of this patented design is a multiple-link suspension and steering system, which disperses energy equally among multiple points, vs a few rigid and outdated connections that are common with modern A-Arm suspension set-ups.  

The patented XTRAVEL Virtual Link Suspension computer-aided 3D model design, manufacturing process, and use of high-quality chromoly tubing ensures structural integrity – equating to long-lasting, more trustworthy, and dependable suspension components.  

How XTRAVEL Virtual Pivot Technology Works

This unique virtual pivot suspension design increases the percentage of tire patch contact, for maximum traction on multiple surfaces. XTRAVEL’s Virtual Pivot geometry further optimizes the centerline of the tire axis.  

The virtual pivot axis runs directly through the center of the tire from the contact patch to the road, while helping to eliminate steering feedback at the same time. The floating shock link pivot further creates a dynamic roll center, which likewise optimizes traction during turns.  

It also permits drivers to apply more throttle going into the apex of a turn and coming out of a turn for improved acceleration into straight aways. 

This attribute also permits off-road professional racers or enthusiasts to change tire size based on off-road conditions or powertrain set-ups, without negatively impacting suspension geometry or steering.  

With XTRAVEL Virtual Link Suspension – off-road enthusiasts and racers will enjoy reduced negative steering feedback, less parts breakage, a significant reduction in driver fatigue, and a safer riding and driving experience.  

Primary Differences Between A-Arm and XTRAVEL Suspension

The inherited problems with front a-arm suspension in off road environments is quite simple – it was never intended for off-road applications. The initial A-Arm suspension was created in the 1930’s – specifically for on-road applications.  

With the traditional A-Arm suspension, the tires and wheels on any vehicle serve as a giant lever. As you hit obstructions, rocks, ruts, and other off-road conditions, the tire and wheel combo will naturally pull or push it.  

This creates the all-too-common situation with traditional A-Arm set ups. Every single obstacle you encounter with your tire – rocks, ruts, whoops, drop offs, jumps there is a load transferred back with force to the steering input or tie rod.  

XTRAVEL Technology eliminates these variables.  

The patented design eliminates load stress on steering components from obstacles that are frequently hitting with your vehicles front tires, like rocks, ruts, and jumps you encounter while driving in harsh offroad environments.  

Data shows that XTRAVEL Technology greatly reduces the amount of kinetic force that transfers into the steering system from the tire. 

Problem #1: Negative Feedback to Steering Wheel

Mechanically, XTRAVEL creates a push pull relationship between opposing links. In layman’s terms, if the tire wants to get forced out the rear upper/lower links are loaded the most, the front links are loaded medium, and the tie rod remains unloaded.  

On a geometric front, XTRAVEL Virtual Pivot technology allows a rider/driver to hit obstacles that are bigger without bringing more leverage on the KPI (Kingpin Inclination) angle. We do not have KPI because this suspension and steering solution is a virtual pivot platform. It also allows the rider/driver to hit obstacles off center of tire without affecting the leverage on the steering.  

Problem #2: Tie Rod Failure

Since the A-Arm suspension system was not intended for extreme abuse caused by off-road conditions, part failure, specifically of tie rods is commonplace. This is mainly due to a rigid design, where the suspension components absorb more shock and stress.  

XTRAVEL eliminates damage and part failure of critical suspension and steering components. It strategically allocates load and absorption to multiple components within the XTRAVEL platform. The unique geometry and design of the system disperses energy and stress. Plus, the use of high-quality raw materials, from Chromoly links to custom-fabricated joints provides additional structural integrity.  

Problem #3: Poor Handling Conditions

A-Arm aftermarket companies utilize the OEM spindles in their component designs. When they do this, the manufacturer does not have the opportunity to fix the fundamental flaws in the handling.  

The patented XTRAVEL Virtual Pivot technology significantly reduces body roll, poor camber, torque steer, poor roll center, and optimizes traction.  

Optimal Steering acremen has been designed into the system, which allows the vehicle to steer and handle with optimal precision. Perfect camber gains are achieved, so that the outside tire doesn’t roll over in turns. This ensures that body roll does not negatively affect handling.  

Further, virtual pivot is designed to maximize the tire patch for maximized traction for any given point in the turn. While the floating shock link pivot creates a dynamic roll center which optimizes traction in turns. 

Additional Benefits for Upgrading to XTRAVEL

  1. Reduced Driver / Rider Fatigue
  2. Reduced Potential of Parts Failure
  3. More Rider / Driver Control = Improved Safety
  4. No Need for Electronic Steering Components
  5. Extended Lifespan of Vehicle Equipment 
  6. Save Money Over Time
  7. Improved Handling on woops, washes, and all off-road conditions

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