Blake Wilkey’s Favorite Off-Road Suspension

Blake Wilkey is an off-road racer who truly lives on the edge. Best-known for a viral video where he rips a 700hp Baja bug through the streets of San Diego, he’s built a reputation as a fearless and skilled driver. With a passion for high-performance machines and a love for extreme terrain, Wilkey knows the importance of good suspension.

Blake Wilkey in his Baja bug from Urban Assault
Wilkey’s Baja bug “Land Shark” in his infamous Urban Assault video

Recently, Blake Wilkey provided a rave review for Xtravel Technology’s front suspension, speaking to its performance characteristics and impact on his driving. Here’s what he had to say:


“The biggest thing that I have gained through Xtravel is confidence,” says Wilkey, kicking off his testimonial on a powerful note. As anyone who’s ever broken their suspension or flipped their UTV knows, a reliable suspension kit goes a long way in enhancing a driver’s confidence in their vehicle.

Blake Wilkey with his Pro R equipped with Xtravel suspension


He goes on to highlight Xtravel’s handling. “The stability is superior to any other suspension kit that I’ve ever experienced. I can let my hands off the steering wheel… going through huge bumps.” A statement like this makes clear Xtravel’s exceptional performance under extreme conditions. “Through whoops, ruts… the feedback coming from the car is almost gone. The wheel doesn’t start to jostle around on you. It’s predictable and it goes where you want it to go.”

“If you hit something hard… you don’t have to worry about it, because that’s what it’s engineered to do. And it does it very well.”

He also praises the system’s performance in unexpected or unpredictable circumstances. “If you hit something hard and it comes out of nowhere, which — we’ve all had those ‘oh s**t’ moments — you don’t have to worry about it, because that’s what it’s engineered to do. And it does it very well.” This speaks to Xtravel’s ability to withstand and adapt to sudden impacts (crucial for any off-road vehicle).

Blake Wilkey Pro R Xtravel Suspension


Part of what sets Xtravel apart for Wilkey is its comfort over extended periods. “Over long periods of time without having the feedback come through the steering wheel… your hands, your wrists, your body, your mind — everything is much more comfortable over long distances,” he explains. 

Concluding his testimonial, Wilkey humorously notes, “Sometimes it’s like the car wants to drive itself.” Making a UTV feel almost self-driving while off-road underscores the ease and comfort of using Xtravel.

Wilkey’s experience paints a picture of a superior system that enhances vehicle stability and comfort while elevating the driver’s confidence. This is a compelling endorsement for Xtravel, coming from a man who knows his way around off-road driving.

To watch the full testimonial, check out the video here:

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