Dirt Halo tests XTravel Suspension

Dakota Hibler with Dirt Halo Racing

Dakota Hibler from Dirt Halo Tests her new XLinkX™ with BVS™ Technology suspension setup! We tested local in SoCal getting ready for the upcoming Worcs season opening race at Lake Havasu. We all know Havasu is touted as the roughest and nastiest worcs race tracks of the year. Wildomar Creek OHV was chosen for its rutted hard pack, highlighting quick turns and drop offs. This will give us an up-close and personal feel for the true capabilities of the new YFZ450 Xtravel setup! Dakota took to Xtravel suspension immediately as she began to push the speed and get a feel for the quad.

Nestor Berardi, Brandon Lobuck, and James Woodford from Xtravel were onsite to watch the quad, listen to feedback from Dakota and make changes to the fine tuning of the suspension clickers. Getting closer and closer to a phenomenal first day. Dakota highlights that her hands feel no fatigue and she keeps getting faster and faster throughout the test session. At one point we ask Dakota to hit an outcropping of rocks, as she rode by everyone’s jaw dropped as the handlebars were unaffected as she hit the rocks. Her dad Jeremy Hibler seemed sold. We stopped Dakota and asked her about hitting the rocks, and She replied “Did I hit the rocks? I thought I missed them?!! Phenomenal first day, made some setup changes and strides to get ready to Race Worcs Rd1 at Lake Havasu! Video credits to Adrian Ortiz from Ortiz films.

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