Holden Heitritter & Team XTravel Youngest ProTurbo UTV Top 10 Finish in the History of the Mint 400

1.Dustin Jones 4/8:28:31.149 2:03:17.405 2:07:04.487 UTV Pro Turbo 2 Branden Sims 4/8:39:06.315 2:05:18.542 2:09:32.353 UTV Pro Turbo 3 Christian Sourapas 4/8:40:41.932 2:07:23.941 2:10:06.983 UTV Pro Turbo 4 Mike Cafro 4/8:43:22.500 2:05:09.463 2:09:34.500 UTV Pro Turbo 5 Rodrigo Ampudia 4/8:58:25.954 2:06:48.946 2:14:34.488 UTV Pro Turbo 6 Phil Blurton 4/9:01:10.975 2:06:59.642 2:15:17.743 UTV Pro Turbo 7 Justin Smith 4/9:53:36.016 2:06:19.054 2:28:15.754 UTV Pro Turbo 8 Holden Heitritter 4/10:00:29.242 2:17:00.510 2:30:06.935 UTV Pro Turbo9 bernie gomez 4/10:07:54.223 2:20:48.135 2:31:58.555 UTV Pro Turbo 10 Mike Pratt 4/10:20:16.934 2:27:14.770 2:34:35.658 UTV Pro Turbo

Rising Stars and the future of offroad racing takes 8th place! XTravel’s Holden Heitritter splits duties with Bronsen Chiaramonte to conquer the Legendary and BRUTAL 2021 Mint 400.

Holden Heitritter and Bronsen Chiaramonte were amongst the most talented and competitive race class in racing history as they vigorously fought the elements and dust of the brutal Mint 400 racecourse. It was said that any of the finishers in the top 10 competing in the Pro Turbo UTV class could viably win on any given race day. They all have factory support and years of winning and experience under their belts. Young guns, Heitritter and Chiaramonte set out to prove they had the skills, speed, grit, and vehicle to compete in the top ProTurbo Utv racing Class, and that is exactly what they did.

According to Holden, driving his race vehicle with XTravel’s zero feedback steering allowed him to feel substantially safer while racing, giving him more confidence in passing cars and lap traffic. Quite a few race stories were told by Holden and Bronsen of quick-acting and the advantages of XTravel Suspension which made the legendary Mint 400 fly by stress-free and finish Top 10 with huge success!

Heitritter and Chiaramonte suffered nagging issues throughout the duration of the race with a non-functioning 4 wheel drive, a flat tire, a blown belt, and lap traffic delays that kept them from running a clean race. The adversity did not discourage them as they kept the skinny pedal down and just off the lead all day. Seasoned racers and champions were happy to just finish this race and yet Heitritter, Chiaramonte, and Team XTravel came out in their first Mint 400 finishing 8th place as the youngest drivers in their class. They Shook the Utv world and blew away notable factory-backed teams and manufacturers with their top 10 finish!


Holden Heitritter (14) @holden.912 / Bronsen Chiramonte (16) @bronsenc_75


Tanner Kuwahara @tkuw517 / Shane Fichter @shane_fichter












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