Myles Cheek puts XTravel’s BVS to the test

Myles Cheek is a talented driver with great feedback for tuning. He is usually found dominating the short course tracks in his Polaris! Today he came out with our Xtravel test setup to the desert of Plaster City. Plaster is known for its rough unforgiving terrain. Myles is willing to push the limit of the vehicle and explain what is happening with the car. Tuning is a detailed process between mechanic and driver. Communication is key yet they speak different languages. A driver explains a feeling and reaction the car is making, which translates by the mechanic/engineer to detailed clicks, spring rates, and valving code. A wheelman/driver knows how to go fast, the mechanic/engineer knows how to make the driver’s machine perform. Xtravel likes to have a hands on approach with drivers, as driver feedback and vehicle setup is key! Nestor Berardi Partner/Head of Design of Xtravel has been building and tuning suspension for the past 25 years. President/Founder of Xtravel James Woodford was Co-Pilot while Myles was testing and is able to talk with driver and Nestor to get some detailed questions/ solutions moving so that the process can continue to make gains and improvements each lap taken.

Myles had a blast and took to the Xtravel suspension right away! The test loop is awesome and has almost every type of terrain. A straight away headed into high speed rally race set of S turns start you off as the adrenaline gets going. The course breaks off the left and a high speed set of mid sized 2’ foot whoops set the suspension working. An off camber left turn that drops into rutted trophy truck tracks with some bigger whoops runs along a ridge. A sharp left with giant whoops, braking bumps before the turn. Another ridge runner with un-expected G out that will bury your front end if not driven correctly, and finally a downhill drop into the wash and plaster city west trophy truck whoops along side Evan Hewes hwy!

The Myles Cheek test session was a huge success and we were able to get the 2 door Polaris ProXp to 70-75mph down the huge trophy truck whoops of plaster city. With that said we did not give up on performance in the s turns or other terrains of the test loop. We look forward to what’s next and look forward to working with Myles again in the near future!

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