Mitch Guthrie SR. tests XTravel Suspension

When it comes to UTV racing no one knows how to better handle challenges technical rock climbing and off-road desert conditions than 6X King of the Hammer Champion Mitch Guthrie Sr. This is why we asked Mitch to test out the first complete prototype of Xtravel’s new BVS™ [Berardi Virtual Suspension] to see how he felt about our revolutionary technology.

We tested on true King of the Hammers trails chocolate thunder and Jackhammers! The King of KOH UTV drivers knows hammers and he knows performance on a UTV. He is no nonsense straight shooter. Everyone knows if you pass the Guthrie approval you have a good product. He looks out past the dry lake bed and points between two mountains and says I’ll meet you over there past the lake bed, where you can see the sand meet up with the rocks! Guthrie Sr gets in his new Polaris ProXp and tears off in a cloud of dust!

We met at the Rocks and he climbs up the first part of the trail and yells a thunderous “F*%# yeah!” That’s when we all knew! Guthrie Sr. drove through the rocks and loved it. We have some work on the shock tuning but the performance spoke for itself. Zero negative feedback as Guthrie Sr drives his Polaris RZR through the rocks and trails of King of the Hammers before KOH 2021 Ultra 4 racing. At the end of the ride Gurthie said with a smile “This makes driving fun again!”

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