KOH Results

Results are in for UTV 2021 King of the Hammers. The Ultimate Desert Race, King of Hammers. We are very excited with this week’s result at KOH. Three of our prototypes entered, and all three finished in the top 20.

We are proud to say that our drivers successfully completed the most treacherous UTV race in North America while debuting Xtravel’s revolutionary patent pending BVS™ and Xlinx™ technology.

Mitch Gutherie and Mitch Guthrie Sr. cracked top 10. Casie Currie coming in at 20 out of over 130 racers!

As a suspension technology company, we are very excited with the data we obtained at KOH.

The initial test of the two different versions of lower shock pivots proved to be very insightful. The version using the through-bolt-pivot design performed flawlessly. As seen on Casie Currie’s vehicle, the version using 2 separate bolts to mount the shock pivot proved to show a flaw. The 2 separate bolts, which were used to adapt to a different shock eye design, put all the load in one weldment.

The 2-bolt shock mount lasted throughout the toughest terrain of the race; however, 3 miles before the finish, the the weld on the shock pivot broke. This has given us the opportunity to reengineer this other version of the lower shock pivot to ensure this won’t happen again. This reengineered design ensures that any shock design will be able withstand any terrain through the finish.

We are excited to learn this information early on in development of our suspension design, and we are thrilled with an amazing performance in the toughest race in North America!

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